Discover the power of conscious leadership habits and transform your connection to the world with this must-read transformational guide

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So many people around us are trudging through life; their eyes lack passion and light except in the reflected glow of their screens. I talk to too many who share a common feeling in the world today. They feel a bit dull, lost, and concerned about the future. We can bring the light back into the world—and restore our confidence in what we can accomplish together—if we commit to a lifelong journey of connection.

About the Author

Talia Fox has become an inspirational leader in every sense of the word, often referred to as the Jedi of Inspiration by her clients. With over two decades of experience in transforming thousands of executives from all sectors, Talia has become a visionary for leadership and legacy building.
Her extensive background in psychology and education has given her the tools she needs to assist leaders in developing successful strategies for complex missions, ranging from defense systems to healthcare initiatives. Holding an M.Ed in psychology and being a Harvard University Fellow, she is a well-respected name in the industry.

The Topics Covered

Why We Feel So Isolated And Alone, Even Though We're Surrounded By Constant Communication

What It Means To Be Alive In The World

Why Deep Listening Is The Key To Mental Health--and How It Can Make You The Smartest Person In The Room

How A Simple Habit Of Observing Reveals The Interrelated Systems All Around Us

Why Your Interactions With Others Feel Fake And Rehearsed

What It Means To Engage With Others, Even When We Don't Feel We Should Have To

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Through the practice of critical skills that open our minds and connect us with our highest ideals, we can move beyond defending our points of view and strive toward choices that honor our desire to maximize our lives and impact. A conscious connection feels like a deep breath of cool air on top of a snow-capped mountaintop and the touch of a warm hand reaching out to pull you toward the warmth of the fire. Composed of four interlocking habits, this book will help you build conscious connections, find pockets of personal bliss, and maximize your leadership potential.

Classic Relationship Cocktail Of Mistakes

The Power of Conscious Connection is a profound and practical blueprint for Executives and Senior Leaders. Learning to listen, observe, value and engage requires continuous development and evaluation.

COL (Ret) David L. Musgrave, Senior Executive Service,

Department of Defense

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